Ruff N Smooth Fights Guru

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Ruff N Smooth

The management of rapper and singer, Nana Agyei, known on stage as Guru, is daring Afro-pop duo, Ruff and Smooth, to seek redress in court if they feel betrayed by Guru.

The members of Ruff N Smooth- Ricky Nana Agyeman and Clement Baafo- have accused Guru of performing their hit song ‘Send Your Fire’ which they featured him (Guru) at the ‘Gabon Le Grand Concert’ in Gabon held on September 12, 2015.

According to Ruff and Smooth, they informed Guru earlier before his show in Gabon not to perform the song since they have a similar show which they are to perform that same song but Guru refused and performed the said song.

Ruff and Smooth disclosed they are planning to sue Guru for $20,000 as compensation for copyright infringement.

But responding to the accusations on Hello FM Entertainment Review last Saturday, Ray Monies of NKZ said it was never part of their plans to perform ‘Send Your Fire’ by Ruff and Smooth.

Ray Monies told Dave Hammer, host of the show, that before the programme, they met with the disc jockey and gave him a list of songs Guru was going to perform and arranged them orderly.

Ray Monies further revealed that Ruff and Smooth did not pay Guru a dime to feature on ‘Send Your Fire’.

He finally called on the Afro-pop duo to go to court if they believe that Guru has infringed the copyright law but not to make mere allegations to deplete Guru and his brand.

Ruff n Smooth are Ghanaian-based musicians made up of Ruff (Bullet) & Smooth (Akhan). Although both have been on the music scene for a while, it was not till they formed an alliance that they both gained prominence.

Their debut album as a group has the ever popular song, ‘Swagger’ which turned out to be a rebirth of these young musicians.

They have even become more popular after releasing two new singles titled ‘Sex Machine’ and ‘Azingele’. Ruff N Smooth won the Ghana Music Group of the Year category at the City People Entertainment Awards in Lagos and was nominated for Afro Pop Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards.

Their best-known songs include ‘Swagger’, ‘Sex Machine’ and ‘Najia Baby’. Currently, their single, ‘Send Your Fire’ is the banging tune all over the word.