Pork Sellers Go Wild


Some of the journalist that attended the event being served with pig meat

The Ashanti Regional branch of the Pig Farmers and Processors Association (PFPA) has vehemently denied media reports that pigs in the area have been infected with the African swine fever.

At a news conference in Kumasi on Thursday, Diana Amoateng, a leading member of PFPA, entreated the public to disregard reports that the disease was pervasive in the Ashanti region, urging journalists to be accurate in their reportage.

She noted that the African swine fever was detected in the Ellembelle District of the Western region, adding that “the affected animals were slaughtered and burnt to avert the spread of the disease.

“Not a single pig in the Ashanti region has been infected but sadly some journalists had presented an erroneous impression that the disease had hit the area.

Madam Amoateng said, “We want to again assure the public that pork is still wholesome for consumption and has no negative impact on humans.”

Madam Amoateng also debunked assertions that humans could contract the disease.

She admonished media practitioners to stop the publication of inaccurate stories which could cause panic and destroy the businesses of innocent people.

Madam Amoateng also used the occasion to appeal to government, institutions and all stakeholders to support the industry to flourish.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi









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