Accra Floods


The flooded Kaneshie Market Yesterday

A female commuter in a commercial bus at Kaneshie in Accra yesterday had a premature delivery during the one-hour heavy downpour which left a trail of destruction and anguish in many parts of Accra, as the city flooded. Kaneshie was one of the worst affected areas.

A nurse, who happened to be nearby when the spasms of labour set in, moved quickly to assist the woman whose baby Adakabre Frempong Manso of Neat FM named Kofi Nsuo.

Her situation, at the time of filing this report, could not be ascertained, as the woman launched into labour when the trotro bus suddenly submerged in the flood water.

The downpour was preceded by a cloudy sky and other telltale signs of imminent rain which were taken for granted and dismissed as false signs.

When the skies opened, however, the rain came in torrents, sending both pedestrians and motorists moving helter-skelter as traffic jams built up all over town.

From the Industrial area to Teshie, residents and commuters had a tale of woes to narrate, as those in low-lying areas in particular sat on tenterhooks and prayed for the deluge to cease, as nearby gutters were filled to their brims.

For many distressed persons, the platform offered by Peace FM came in handy as the station received an assortment of unsolicited reports from these sources.

A trapped man waiting to catch a vehicle at the Industrial Area called into the programme to say, “The whole place is flooded and we cannot go out. Vehicles are not moving.”

At the Kantamanto Market, activities came to a standstill as traders struggled to salvage their wares before they were carried away by the powerful currents created by the gushing water in the rain as it desilted drainage previously choked by domestic and other wastes.

A trader at the sprawling business segment of Kantamanto Market said “activities have come to a halt. Most of our goods have been destroyed. As I talk to you right now, I am standing on a table because the place is flooded. The flood has put all of us in a panicky situation with almost everybody packing their wares. NADMO should deploy personnel to our aid.”

From Teshie Estates a caller said “it is still raining heavily here. The drainage system here is very poor. The attitudes of the people here have also contributed to this flood here. Properties are destroyed while some have sustained injuries.”

One driver was overhead pleading through a radio station to his colleagues to be mindful about the dangers posed by the downpour and to drive cautiously.

At Kotobabi, vehicular and pedestrian movement came to a standstill as the streets were covered by sheets of water.

From Circle, Accra, came this narration from a witness: “Most of us here are standing on our cars. We know we are not safe. The place is flooded and the drains are choked.”

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Coordinator in Accra, Evans Anakwa, when contacted in the peak of the downpour said “we are monitoring the situation and have deployed our personnel to various points for the purpose. We are also listening into the radio stations with a view to picking leads about places requiring immediate interventions.”

He urged distressed persons to call their offices for the necessary attention to be rendered. The distressing situation was replicated at Alajo towards Abelenkpe, where vehicular movements were halted as concerned persons made calls through some radio stations to the Police to come to their aid.

At Abeka, the cause of the flood was too obvious to be ignored, as residents made allusion to the choked gutters and the many tributaries of the gushing water.

Kasoa Iron City, Accra Newtown, Jamestown and Winneba Junction, all had their share of the destructive deluge.

Victims are counting their losses today as they dry the items they were able to salvage.

By A.R. Gomda & Edem Tamakloe George


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