300,000 Sign Petition For Fresh Register

Concerned Youth

Concerned Youth for Progressive Ghana members presenting their petition

OVER 300,000 Ghanaians of various backgrounds across the country have signed a petition demanding for a new and credible voter register for the 2016 polls.

Concerned Youth for Progressive Ghana, a non-partisan group which has continuously hammered on the need for Ghana to get a fresh electoral roll, solicited the signatures to support its petition.

Jamaludeen Abdullah, founder of the group, said the signatures were secured at places like restaurants, market places, homes, offices, lorry stations and even football parks from Ghanaians who are craving for a fresh voter register.

He told DAILY GUIDE that copies of the signatures secured had been presented with a petition to respectable bodies such as the National House of Chiefs, the Peace Council and the Western Regional House of Chiefs.

According to him, his group wants the aforementioned groups to join the many who are requesting for a fresh voters’ register which will help make the 2016 national elections free and fair and devoid of any violence.

Abdullah said “The call for a new voters’ register should not be politicised; instead, it must be a clarion call by all Ghanaians to ensure there is everlasting peace in our motherland and secure a bright future for our next generation.”

He noted that the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the use of National Health Insurance cards to register eligible voters and the recent revelations by the NPP clearly show that the current voter register is not credible.

Abdullah expressed fear that if the current bloated register is not changed in time, the 2016 national elections might plunge the country into civil strife, since there is the possibility that the losers might not accept the results.

He noted that the image of the Electoral Commission (EC) has also been dented by the damning revelations during the 2012 election petition hearing at the Supreme Court, adding that a new voters’ register could help restore public confidence in the EC.

In this regard, Abdullah passionately appealed to chiefs, civil societies, international bodies, political parties and Ghanaians in general to support the demand for a fresh voter roll in the supreme interest of Mother Ghana.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi